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Through your donations, Islamic Society of Arlington, Texas is able to provide valuable services to all that come to our center and to the community at large.  

ISAT is a 501(3)(c) organization. All donations to ISAT are Tax Deductible (Tax ID# 75-1983937)


The great virtue and reward Allaah designated to spending charity:

  • Charity protects the spender from all evil
  • Charity is a mean to cure ailments
  • The reward of charity is abundant and multiplied
  • Charity expiates sins
  • Charity results in the blessing of ones wealth and its increase
  • Withholding charity results in Allaah withholding sustenance
  • Charity protects against punishment and helps one get admitted into Paradise
  • Charity is a sign of one's true faith
  • Charity facilitates other benevolent acts
  • The reward of charity is proportional to what one spends
  • A spender will be protected under the shade of his charity on the Day of Judgment
  • Charity is a treasure that is stored for the spender to receive on the Day of Judgment
  • Spending is one of the deeds due to which reward continues after death
  • Spending charity entitles the spender to attain the Love of Allaah
  • Spending charity results in the comfort and rescue of the spender on The Day or Judgment
  • "As for he who gives (charity) and fears Allaah. And believes in the best [reward]. We will ease him toward ease." [Al-Layl: 5-7]

So rush towards Paradise … do not deprive your self from the great reward awaiting you … sponsor this wonderful projects to attain all the abovementioned rewards and more, In Shaa Allaah!

If you can dream Paradise, you can do it.