Our Imaams

Masood Ahmed


About Imam

Memorized the Qu'ran and Completed Alim Course in Pakistan. Bachelor, Masters and PHD in Tafseer, Qira'at from Islamic University Madinah Munawwarah. Then preached Islam for 3 years in Islamabad, then continued his service in Karahi in Islamic University. In 2001, Shaykh Masood came to Arlington and started his service for Center Masjid. He is the director of Tafheeth School from 2001, and was appointed as Imam in 2004. Alhamdulillah, 20 students have memorized Qu'ran completely under him. He conducts classes in the Morning and the Evening. Conducts Weekly Tafseer in Our Masjid at ISAT and at Mansfield. Two classes of Qir'aat and one class of Arabic grammer.


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