About Us

Our Vision

"To achieve unity and preserve Muslim Identity for present and future generations by adhering to the Quran and the authentic Sunnah."


Our Mission

  • To promote the oneness of Allah(Tawheed)
  • To raise a generation of upstanding citizens with strong Muslim identity
  • To protect sanctity, integrity and values of the Muslim family unit
  • To educate Muslims and the community at large, by disseminating the teachings of the Quran and authentic Sunnah
  • To bridge the gap between old and new Muslim generations
  • To coordinate with other communities to promote common values
  • To establish unity by combining efforts with other Islamic organizations
  • To develop future leadership with the Muslim Youth


History of ISAT

ISAT was established in 1983 by active members of the community then. They purchased the current location at S. Center St., while they were establishing regular prayers at a rented building near theUniversity of Texas at Arlington. In Ramadan of 1989, the mosque was opened to the Muslims after years of hard work. Later on, another building was added to the area that occupies the current location ofIslamic School of Arlington Texas.


If you can dream Paradise, you can do it.